Why The Garmin Fenix Gps Watch Is Better Than Standalone Gps Devices

When it comes to GPS devices, Garmin leads the game. This time, they took GPS navigation to another level by creating the Garmin Fenix GPS watch. Backcountry enthusiasts, hikers, and mountaineers will benefit from its features such as elevation, navigation, and fitness tracking. The product testers were amazed with the accuracy of its reading, as well as the post-hike data along with its highly intuitive interface. Compared to other watches from similar categories, the Fenix offers better data integration and better personalization features.

Mapping can be done in one easy click. No need to keep scrolling through multiple pages. Points of

interests are easily marked by simply pushing the red button. Runners and bikers can also keep track of the burned calories and heart rate along with other important stats. All the data read by the device can easily be uploaded via USB cable or Bluetooth.

The GPS watch product comes with BaseCamp, a free software which allows users to edit, save, and share data. The Fenix is more powerful and more accurate and more precise than GPS smartphone apps and even the standalone GPS units. Testers have observed fewer misplaced waypoint or track dropouts. For something so small as a watch, you can truly be amazed at the multiple functions and services it can offer.


terms of battery life, the user need not worry because the Fenix GPS watch has battery saving options. To extend the battery life to more than 3 days of use, the HR monitor can be simply switched off, especially when it is not essential to record all tracks. Added accessories such as the barometer and temperature sensor can be bought separately as needed.

As for the size, it looks and fits larger wrist best. With the number of features, although it is quite big for a watch, it is still a handy GPS device considering you can even wear it and get instant information without having to find it in your bag.

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