How To Create Storage Space In A Small Room

When faced with a situation of having limited space such as a dorm, a shared apartment or condo, these tips may come in handy. If permitted, build a loft. With just a few pieces of wood, nails, and a power saw, you can turn a humble shanty into a palace of sorts. You can have enough room for shelves, books, sound system, etc. You will not have much space, so be creative when you organize and make your plans. A large trunk can serve various functions. It can be storage for clothes, a table, or a sturdy base for stacking other items such
as other storage units. Baskets can be used as storage for magazines, shoes, balls, keys, pencils, make up, or hand towels. Crates can also be used
for bigger items. Bookshelves are great space savers. Check your room if shelves are already installed. If shelves are already present, utilize it well. If not, then buy or build what you need. The home depot, furniture outlet, flea market, or lumberyard would be a good source of materials and ideas. If you have a large CD collection, consider putting these into storage albums. They will be easier to transport and take up less room on your bookshelf or desk drawer. Plastic storage bins are very useful. They come in different sizes that can even fit under your bed. With this idea, you leave no room for wasted space. Always be creative and you will find multitude of ideas from ordinary things.

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