How To Choose Eyeglass Frames Based On Face Shape

Looking great wearing glasses could be a bit tricky. It’s a matter of choosing the right eyeglass frame for your face shape to complement your looks.

Round face

Squared-off frames de-emphasize roundness. Choose styles that are a bit wider than the widest point of your face for a slimming outcome. The bridge of the frames must be wide as well and moderately arched.

Triangular face

To allow better "balance" to your face, the top half of the frames shouldn't extend past your temples. A bridge that's gently curved and the lower half of the frame in a down-sweep are most flattering for you.

Oval face


the oval face is ideal, you can try out many different types of frames to find the best one for you. Nevertheless, it's important not to detract from the natural symmetry of your face, so never go for a shape that's too way out.

Rectangular face

To produce the illusion of a broader face, maintain the overall width of

the frames within the border of the widest point of your cheekbones. The bridge of the frames should be slightly curved.

Square face

Graciously curved frames ease the angular shape of a square face. The frames must be slightly wider than the widest point of your jaw line, having an arched bridge. The lower part should sweep up towards the brows.



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