Be Prepared For Wedding Emergencies

Emergencies happen anywhere and anytime, even during a wedding. Having a little pouch or bag to bring along with you (or have someone else carry it for you) during the wedding day can keep you from troubling yourself about situations that could happen and helps you deal with them when they do.


Although everybody feels fantastic on the wedding day, it’s not unusual what a couple of nerves can do to the body. Headaches, stomach upsets, and dizziness could all come out when you are experiencing the most pressure.

Not just for the couple

You might want to have on hand some things

to help keep your wedding party feeling good, or at least keep them well throughout the ceremony. A chewable or a liquid antacid can be a great way to help calm those uneasy stomachs. Having crackers and ginger ale around are also good too. For headaches, you may bring some acetaminophen. This is generally milder on the stomach than ibuprofen, and may be taken without food.

If the bride or bridesmaids should experience dizziness, then have them sit down at once. Dizziness can be triggered by a lot of things such as low blood sugar, nervousness, and other more serious conditions. Smelling salts can also help revive those who may faint.

Band aids are good to bring. They can also be used for sore feet cause by too tight shoes.

Beauty fixes

For the women, a few beauty tools are valuable to have on hand to keep everyone looking great. Spare lip gloss and balm are great to keep the lips looking fresh. A translucent face powder will prevent the foreheads and noses from

shining. Have a small bottle of clear nail polish, too. This is dependable for fixing rhinestones that have fallen off the dresses and for sealing stocking runs.

A small brush and mirror could also be helpful, as well as hair spray and extra deodorant. Bobby pins could help most hair emergencies, but a curling or a straightening iron can be an plus, too.


It’s amazing what needs may arise on the least expected moments. For example, did you consider to bring extra straight pins for the corsages just in case the bouquets came apart? Having a small sewing kit is good to fix up those minor emergencies.

Stain remover and chalk can also be handy should there be any stains that need to be removed. If there’s something on the bride’s gown, then you may lightly hide it with a layer of chalk—it works great and won’t harm the garment.

For other more health threatening emergencies, it’s always good to have a cellphone handy (if the venue is within signal reach) to be able to contact emergency numbers like 911 and others, in case you may need an ambulance, otherwise be sure to have access to a nearby clinic, hospital or doctor who can attend to the medical needs as soon as possible.

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