Milkshake Can Be A Lifesaver

The very term Milk Shake involves having a blender, which is much desire, when you hate to cook and live alone. Though you will use it only for milk shakes and, at rare intervals, crumbs or soups, it is well worth having. When you are health-conscious, it saves you time and effort, and when you are sick, alone, it can virtually save your life. When you have the flu, for instance, a milk shake made with an egg and brandy can be edible or drinkable when little else is.

What's great about the milk shake is that you'll hardly make

a bad one. Though proportions are fundamentally
1 cup milk
1 average scoop of ice
2 tablespoons syrup or 1 teaspoon flavoring
you can vary them based on what you have. It may be thicker or thinner or fruitier or not so fruity but still good.

When you rely heavily on milk shakes and haven't too much ice-cream storage space, vanilla is the best alternative to keep on hand, because it combines well with so many things: frozen or canned fruit, rum, brandy, whisky (or rum or brandy flavoring) instant coffee sliced bananas, thawed frozen fruit-juice concentrates, fruit, chocolate, or caramel syrups. And that is only a start. Add sugar if needed, or an egg if you want additional nourishment.

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