How To Choose The Best Upholstery Fabric

Once you've resolved to get a custom-made upholstery, you must know what materials to use.

Once you've resolved to get a custom-made upholstery, you must know what materials to use.

Tightly woven upholstery textiles are more long-lasting than those that are loosely woven. To examine, simply hold the uplholstery fabric sample against the light; you shouldn't see light come through it. Lightweight materials must be quilted in order to endure the stress when stretched.
Upholstery fabric with woven design has a higher quality than those with designs printed on. If the material pills up when a fabric sample is rubbed against itself, it will not endure heavy use and expect to have it replaced sooner.

Generally, synthetic

materials (acrylic, rayon, nylon, and olefin) are more lasting, withstand soiling, and fade to a lesser extent than natural fabrics. But if you opt for better absorbency and natural touch, go with linen, cotton, silk, or wool. A blended textile is the best compromise. Search for a low synthetic to high natural fiber combination.

Custom Upholstered Furniture

"You get what you pay for" may not always be the case when it pertains to upholstered furniture. Frequently a sofa or chair gets pricey mainly

due to its fabric. Inspect the hang tag or inquire if it can be customized using a lower-grade (and cheaper) upholstery. Lower grade does not always imply more mediocre quality. It could mean a line of materials that aren’t in the present season’s fashion, or ones with less embellished weaves.

Many furniture dealers apply the Chinese menu approach: You choose the furniture of your liking then select the textile from swatches displayed in the showroom and set by color classification. Salespeople are more than willing to suggest prints that can be paired with it or advise whether or not a material is appropriate to the furniture's style or shape.



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