Where To Shop For Make-up And Beauty Supplies

Do you know where to buy the exact beauty supplies that you need? Here’s a simple comparative commentary on the three main beauty supply places.


Drugstores sell mainstream brands whose advertisements often include color swatches so you can preshop even at home; offer no-wait self-service; give coupon discounts in circulars and promotional displays; stock travel sizes, perfect for you gym bag or desk drawer; and many are open twenty-four hours.

Department Store

Department store cosmetics counters are staffed by trained beauty advisers who give personal consultations and mini-makeovers (and really, you are not obligated to buy), as well as basic skin-care analysis. Sample

sizes of the company’s new and core products are always available. Based on your purchase records, some stores will notify you of special promotions on your favorite products.
Frequent in-store workshops offer free facials and makeup consultations with guest experts. At department store cosmetics counter you can try before you buy and experiment all you want.

Beauty Supply Store

You can get salon results at home: Beauty supply stores stock the stuff the pros use. These shops are the equivalent of the hardware superstore for beauty professionals, with items that aren’t just stocked anywhere else. While the off-the-street consumer won’t enjoy the discount that those in the beauty industry do, this is where you can pick up the exact blow dryer, shampoo or no tangle brush that your stylist uses.

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