Ways To Spend Valentine’s Day The Holistic Way

The unified interaction among the functioning parts of our body as a whole is what is being referred to as holistic or wholistic. On this Valentine’s Day, take this opportunity to love your body and embrace the holistic concept of a total experience involving your heart, body, and mind. Here are ways your can have a holistic Valentine’s Day.

1. Visit a holistic spa and get a treatment for yourself or have your beloved one join you and avail spa services together. Holistic spas offer different types of massages, beauty treatments, and several other ways to pamper you.

2. Give organic chocolates

as a Valentine’s gift on this romantic day. Raw chocolate products and special organic chocolates can be bought at organic shops or you may simply order organic chocolates online.

3. Prepare a romantic dinner for you and your partner using only natural, organic food. A holistic philosophy adopts mankind’s connection to nature. By using organic food, you support the idea of valuing the natural methods and the love for the environment.

4. Use soy candles as you set the mood on your Valentine’s Day special meal or just complete the ambiance as you spend time together. Soy candles are more eco-friendly and non-toxic.

5. Complete the mood with natural essential oils to fill the air with pure scents. Use these rather than the artificially-scented air fresheners or other regular scented candles.

6. Give a live rose in a dainty pot instead of cut flowers. Miniature versions of potted roses look really pretty which may be placed in a container garden or planted in a garden when spring comes. A lot of

people would be delighted receive a live plant as a present. You may choose either an indoor plant that will improve air quality, or a tree seedling that can be planted in the spring.

7. Choose peaceful and romantic music as your backdrop for your romantic evening. As a suggestion, search for music that features the sound of nature or the ones that uses natural instruments. Take a break from the usual electronic synth pop, heavy metal riffs, or scratchy raps even just for this day to go with your holistic theme.

8. Give your beloved to a homemade personal skin and hair care gift such as a jar of salt scrub or flax seed hair treatment (mix together 1 tablespoon flax seeds and 1 cup water, microwave for two minutes, steep for an hour, then strain). To make it more special, apply the salt scrub and hair treatment yourself or take turns applying these.

9. Make some homemade Valentine’s goodies that are nutritious and holistic. Dip strawberries or fruits in melted organic chocolate. Use organic cocoa, natural sugar, and other organic ingredients when you bake your fudge, cookies, or cakes. Another holistic gift treat is the edible bouquet made of fruits.

10. If you choose to go traditional by sending real cards, buy Valentine’s cards made only from recycled paper, or make them yourself using recycled materials.

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