Use Patio Planters For Low Maintenance Indoor And Outdoor Gardening

Growing your garden in a patio is the favorable choice especially if you lack the space for plants and flowers. For this purpose, The Mayne Square Polyethylene Fairfield Patio Planter is perfect. It can conveniently fit most sizes of porches, patios, balconies, or decks. Blending the planter with your patio decor will be easy since it has a traditional framed-panel design with decorative molding on the top and bottom. Watering your plants is easy since this planter is configured with a modern sub-irrigation system that stores the water in the base of the planter, thus cutting down the frequency of

watering chores. The built-in water source boosts healthy plant growth by aiding the roots in water absorption as needed with the help of the troughs in the base of the planter. This gives more time admiring your plants and flowers and less time tending to your plants.

This lovely square planter is constructed using high-grade polyethylene, a long-lasting, low-maintenance material that can withstand the different seasons. The planter has an appearance

like that of wood but does not require upkeep that outdoor wooden planters demand, like painting and re-sealing.

Weather Resistant
Attractive Design
Solid construction
Easy To Secure
Sophisticated Looks

Water draining can be slow
Needs extra scrubbing for cleaning

There are three colors to choose from: White, Black, and Clay. All Mayne products are covered with a 15-year limited warranty for any factory defects found in materials and workmanship. Items may be returned for replacement or refund within 30 days after purchase.

Mayne Square Polyethylene Fairfield Patio Planter

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