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Tips on Sewing Window Curtains and Window Treatments
Published By Athena on 2013-02-26 69 Views

Sewing window treatments can be really simple. Unless you put in some decorative details, like a scalloped hem, all stitching are done in straight lines.

You maybe inclined to put on some ruffles or welting, but you feel like you're not up to the task because of lack of experience, such accents are easily manageable using one of the special sewing machine attachments listed here.

Your Sewing Machine
Sawing straight lines of stitching must be smooth and flawless. This can be accomplished as long as your machine is running perfectly and is matched to the fabric it would stitch.

If your machine has not been in use for quite a while, review the manual and apply some lubricants specified for it.

Getting Ready for That Perfect Stitch
A line of stitching is a result of a very intricate operation by the sewing machine. Here are the factors that you control: proper threading of the machine, thread and needle size, pressure of the presser foot, thread tension, and stitch length. Familiarize yourself with these factors and practice stitching through two layers of the fabric you will use. Keep going until the stitches are perfect.

Needle and Thread
Use the correct needle and thread in sizes that are well-matched with the weight of your fabric, heavy-duty for heavy fabric, medium for medium weight and fine for lightweight and delicate cloth.

The Presser Foot
Try to get the feel of the pressure from the presser foot until it holds the fabric strong enough for a smooth stitch, but not too hard to leave an indentation on the fabric. Gently guide the fabric when sewing by placing a hand behind the presser foot and the other one in front. Do this without pulling the fabric and keep it as smooth and flat as possible.

Thread tension
Incorrect thread tension is the usual cause behind untidy stitching and seams that pucker. Correctly adjusted thread tension is particularly important in sewing those long seams and hems in window coverings. Try it out on extra fabric until your stitches are smooth and flat.

Stitch length
Normally, you do not need a very strong seam for window coverings. To prevent puckering, use long stitches instead.

Handy Attachments
Accessories for your model maybe available at local stores that carry your brand of machine. These could immensely ease special stitching situations.

Buttonhole attachment - If the feed dog of your machine can be lowered, you can use a button-holer to tack pleats. You have to use a sturdy needle though.
Ruffler - A specialized gathering foot, it operates quickly and efficiently to pull together a long ruffle.

Roller foot- Made for slippery types of fabric, it grips the top part of the fabric, which allows it to be evenly fed with the bottom layer.
Zipper foot. Made to stitch alongside a thickness that would block the regular presser foot, a zipper foot is utilized both to create cording and to attach it to the edge of a hem.
Seam gauge. This attachment can be fixed at different distances from the needle to serve as a guide in sewing different seam and hem widths.

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