Tips On Buying Ring Jewelry

When shopping for a ring, be it for a gift or an engagement, the best advice is to become an educated consumer. Once you set a realistic budget range, shop around and familiarize yourself with both traditional and new styles. Clip out photos of rings you like from magazines and catalogs. Ask the store salesperson to present a selection of rings to try on and to learn what appeals to you in terms of stone cut, shape, and settings.


Once you’ve selected your stone, there are several settings into which your stone can be set. Ask to see the most popular

settings: prong, channel and cluster. You’ll be surprised at the way a beautiful setting can transform the total look of a ring into a dramatic, personal statement.


When selecting the shape of the stone and design of your ring, consider your lifestyle or the one you are intending to give the ring to. Most women wear their engagement of wedding rings everyday, so be realistic about the wear and tear your ring must take. A diamond is the hardest substance known to mankind. However, under extraordinary circumstances, it can chip or break when exposed to a sharp blow or unusual force. For example, if you’re an active woman, a pear or marquise shape, with its pointed edges could be more vulnerable to chipping or breaking. In this case, a round or brilliant stone might be a better choice.


Fit is also an

important factor. Make sure the ring slips easily over your knuckle, hugging the base of your finger. You should be able to slip a toothpick through, allowing just enough room to account for changes in temperature or climate. If you have large knuckles or unusually slim fingers, a jeweler can provide a device hidden inside the ring for a more secure fit, and to keep the diamond facing up.

Other considerations

Don’t be limited to what you think you should wear. Some rings don’t appear as attractive in the window as they do on the finger. Then, decide what’s important to you – is it size or dramatic styling? Do you have long or short fingers? Which colored gem will flatter your skin tone? Will yellow gold or platinum complement your stone? Once you’ve narrowed down the choice, think about it for a few days. You want your ring to look and feel right for a lifetime.

And once you’re ready to purchase your dream ring, you may want to consider insuring it. Check with your local insurance broker to learn about the best options available to you.


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