Tips On Buying The Best Office Desk Lamp

Having the correct light fixtures can have a huge effect in your productivity and comfort.

Having the correct light fixtures can have a huge effect in your productivity and comfort.

In any workspace, particularly desk workspace, lighting is always an issue. From the standard lamp at your home office to the fluorescent overhead lighting in your work room, having the correct light fixtures can have a huge effect in your productivity and comfort. I, myself have spent much time searching for the best desk lamp in the past. I have used a simple executive desk lamp, and the light that it provided suited my needs well, now it's a bit old and beat-up. When I chose

to replace it, I needed to make a change. Realizing that it was a perfect time to redecorate my home office, it was the great opportunity to buy a new desktop eye candy -- a desk lamp that was unlike the one I had previously used. The desk lamp was pretty straightforward –One of those gizmos without the frills. The desk light was fairly classic as well. After carefully thinking about it, the Tiffany desk lamp became my choice.

In a home workspace, just like in most home based workers, things are simple. Since rooms normally have one light, lighting costs are not much to worry too much about. We can opt not to buy those high-efficiency halogen light bulbs. Some can find standard incandescent ones OK, although

they use may use a bit more energy, these also offer a warmer light source.

At a corporate office, however, things are quite different. Each one of the desk lamps has to be equipped with a high-efficiency fluorescent bulb. This is a part of the cost-cutting scheme. It works well both for the office and for the company. The electrical bill can be cut down to 50% with the use high-efficiency lighting. However, there are some disadvantages to it. The regular fluorescent light gives everything a lifeless look. Fluorescent lighting is good in the bathroom, but if the daily work area is lit that way, it may get rather depressing.

It's good to know that there are better options. Whether you use a desk lamp or an overhead light, you can choose from broad spectrum halogen light bulb varieties nowadays. This is a great advancement over the way traditional fluorescent lights function. Broad-spectrum light bulbs, as the term implies, can bring out much of the entire spectrum of visible light. To the human eye, this makes things appear brighter, warmer, and more cheerful, too aside from increasing visibility. This may not seem like a large difference, but if you spend hours on end under the same desk lamps, you will notice the changes.

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