Tava Tea For Weight Loss

Tava Tea is a recent formulation of health enhancing teas. A lot of people at present know about the health benefits of drinking Green tea due to the numerous successes in testified about its ability to promote weight loss.

The Chinese have been using Green tea for centuries and are very much knowledgeable of its various health benefits.

For the Tava Tea, the carefully selected varieties of the finest tea leaves have been have been mixed to create the desired health benefit. It is basically a combination of Wuyi Cliff, Pu-erh, Sencha, and Oolong tea varieties 100% organically grown. Tava Tea has

been scientifically proven to burn 2.5 times more calories than Green tea and is claimed to be the top quality weight loss tea available.

Among the key weight loss benefits achieved is the lessening of insulin production after the consumption of carbohydrates. Insulin is absorbs the glucose from the bloodstream which is eventually converted and stored as fat. When decrease in insulin is achieved weight loss takes effect.

Tava Tea also boosts metabolism to increase the fat burning process. The high levels of anti-oxidants not only help control weight gain but also eradicate harmful free radicals. In addition, Tava Tea has the amino acid L-theanine which aids in regulating the neurone-transmitting chemicals which in effect relieves you from mental stress. By drinking

a minimum of 2 cups of Tava tea daily, one can maximize its weight reducing and overall health benefits.

Tava Tea is one health-giving innovation, like a new and improved version of Green tea which has been proven to be a natural weight loss supplement without any harmful side effects compared to those found in synthetic weight loss pills. The major drawback is the lack of immediate availability of Tava Tea in the drugstores of health stores, but Tava Tea can be ordered online through websites.

If you are an avid drinker of tea for its health benefits, it would not be difficult to explain why Tava Tea would be a sensible beverage to try as a supplement to your regular dietary and weight loss plan. Of course, its is common knowledge that there is no weight loss supplement that will 100% guarantee that you will look like that fit and fab celebrity you have been dreaming of in short span of time. It is most beneficial to your body and health that a good nutritional plan be followed and a proper exercise regimen be carried out in order to get the slim and toned body the fastest way.

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