Simple Solutions To Common Foot Problems

Almost everyone complains about a foot problem at some time during his or her life.

Athlete’s foot, corns, calluses, bunions, flat feet, warts and a host of other foot problems are common in humans. Most of these ailments can be easily prevented, cured or improved by you if you understand what caused them and how to care for the injury.

Athlete’s foot is a contagious infection of the skin caused by fungus. Almost everyone has had or will have athlete’s foot at some time. The infected areas itch and the skin becomes dry and scaly. Depending on the area involved, the skin

may crack open or small weeping blisters may form. When the skin is broken bacteria may enter to cause a more serious infection. The athlete’s foot fungus grows best where it’s warm and moist. It often lurks around swimming pools, showers and gyms. It is best not to go barefoot in such places. In any event your best protection is to keep your feet dry. Changing socks two or more times a day, wearing open-air shoes such as sandals are good ways to accomplish this.

Another type of common problem is corns. These are actually a clump of dead cells (like a callus) formed from the outer layers of the skin. They generally form over a joint. The little toe is a common target. The cause is simply too much rubbing on

the spot of skin by the shoe. Tight shoes, slip-on moccasins, or any footwear that causes too much rubbing or pressure on the skin can cause corns.

When the cause is removed the corn will generally disappear. You can relieve the pressure on the tender area by placing soft cotton or wool on the between the toes where the corn is located. New, better-fitting shoes may have to be purchased.

Other often very painful skin growths on feet are warts. This is especially true when they are on the bottom of the foot (called the plantar wart). While there are some wart remedies, it’s usually best to visit a physician for instruction on how to safely remove it. Warts usually only live about seven years so if it’s not too inconvenient you may wish to leave it alone until it goes away.

The best treatment for most foot problems is to use proper footwear and to improve the care you give your feet. Persons with circulation problems especially should pay careful attention to foot care. Many problems are simply your foot’s way of telling you that you are forgetting what holds you up!

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