Self Improvement And Good Leadership

Socrates said, “Know thyself.” Since his time, many other philosophers have made statements with a similar meaning. The general thought behind such statements seems to indicate that it is important for each of us to turn our sights and our thoughts inward, to analyze our own actions.

“People watching” is one of the favorite pastime activities of the idle ones. Nearly all of us are capable of finding fault with others; we know what they do that is wrong, and usually we feel that we know what they should do to correct these wrongs. Too often, we will tell someone else.

Little is gained from these destructive criticisms or comments.

For most people, doesn’t it seem to be a much better idea to analyze ourselves instead of others? Know thyself. If we really know ourselves, a basis is formed for improvement. Today, as has always seemed to be the case, we are in dire need of competent leadership in any field or profession we are in. Few of us can boast of innate abilities and natural characteristics

that make us competent leaders, without considerable effort. We must work at being leaders in our own rights, if we are to achieve success in any area.

Philosophers have written books, educators have developed courses, government and private industries have spent millions of dollars developing individuals into leaders. However, despite all efforts, the individuals cannot reach anything like his maximum effectiveness without self-development.

Once we have a basis for improvement through self evaluation, the courses of action selected must be objective. We must not only concentrate on strengthening our weaknesses, but must also learn how to capitalize on our strengths. Seek better ways of using strong points and you may find them to be one of considerable value. Self improvement has three major requisites: the desire to improve, wisdom for selecting proper actions, and time necessary to work toward improvement. The desire must come from within, the wisdom must be developed, and the time must be planned.

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