Safety Tips And Precautions On Using Essential Oils

The proper use of essential oils can be a rewarding experience in numerous ways. However, there are certain dangers that can be encountered when certain precautionary measures are not observed. Each person has a different way of reacting to essential oils in varying ways. Before using any form of essential oil, here are some precautions to observe in order to make your essential oil experience pleasant and satisfying.

Keep Out of Children’s Reach

Pure essential oils can have toxic effects, especially on children, when ingested in large amounts. Some undiluted essential oils can harm the skin if improperly dispensed. Store essential oils

in a place away from children’s sight and reach. The use of essential oils on infants must be done with caution and only with proper training and information. It is best to consult an aromatherapist or a doctor who practices alternative medicine regarding this matter. I have personally used essential oils on my own children with satisfying results. There are seminars and classes that educate people on the proper use of essential oils. It would be beneficial for you and your family if you have the opportunity to attend these sessions.

Avoid Contact With Eyes

Avoid using essential oils near the eye area. If your fingers have been in contact with essential oils, also keep them away from the mucous membranes, facial, and genital areas. Wash hands before and after every use of essential oils. If the oils accidentally come in contact with the eyes, gently wipe the affected area with a cotton bud moistened with sweet almond oil. Don’t wash it of with water for it will just spread and disperse the oil around the area.

For External Use Only

Generally, pure essential oils are intended to be used externally only. A limited number of people employ the internal use of essential

oils but these are professionals and doctors who are trained in the field of Medicinal Aromatherapy, mainly in Europe. The use of pure essential oils internally requires a great deal of training. Numerous tests were made before this practice became accepted in the United States. It is not advisable to ingest or use pure essential oils internally without the assistance of a highly trained medical professional.

Precautions During Pregnancy

Some oils have the stimulating and relaxing qualities which may be welcome during the time of labor but not on the 1st trimester. Therefore, extreme caution is advised for pregnant women intending to use essential oils during their first trimester.

Many wonderful results have been experienced by women giving birth who incorporate the use of jasmine during this period. It is advised to do this with an aromatherapist, doula, or doctor who is a specialist in this area. Some essential oils combined with superior quality carrier oils have been reported to reduce stretch marks when regularly applied on the skin after the first trimester.

Beware of healing claims.

As with any form of healing substance, whether synthetic or natural, there is no absolute cure-all solution. Beware of those products with claims to provide total healing ascribed to essential oils. The best way is still to consult qualified practitioners before attempting to use oils apart from their basic home functions. Also consult your doctor before shifting to another medication or healing method.



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