Relaxation Tips For The Busy Moms

In a household, usually the busiest person is the mom. The dutiful mom takes care of family needs, household needs, and sometimes even the expenses; but who takes care of her? If you are among the busy moms, you must also give value to yourself as a person and set aside some personal time.

Each person has a right to personal time. Although we all have the capability to nurture others, it will soon take its toll us.

A car needs fuel to make it run. When the fuel eventually runs out the car won’t move unless it is refilled with fuel.

The same goes for you, mothers. Emotional issues can build up when you neglect your emotional well-being, let alone the physical consequences of emotional neglect.

Mom time replenishes the fuel supply so that you can continue to equally serve your family as well as yourself. Don’t be guilty to sit for several minutes just doing nothing. In the summer or spring, resting in a hammock or a comfy couch is a perfect escape from the tensions of the day. Curling up with a good book even for half an hour can also be heavenly to many moms.

Here some tips to help you squeeze in that much needed “mom” time:

1. Arise early in the morning if possible. When you have children, the day starts out at a fast pace. Once you start the chores, there seems to be no end. Waking up 30 minutes to an hour ahead of your regular chore schedule gives you peaceful solitude to sip your coffee or tea, read, meditate or enjoy some music.

2. Turn routine activities into special events. Enjoy a bubble bath with candles, quiet music and/or a padded bath pillow. Your usual bath has now turned into a spa-quality experience. If you watch a video, switch off the lights, cook a bag of microwave popcorn

and curl up on the sofa.

3. Ask your mate for assistance. Children love their mothers but moments spent with their father is significant too. Give them time to bond with dad as you go shopping for new clothes or finish a hobby project. Since it is your time, enjoy it leisurely.

4. Employ the Boy Scout motto. Be prepared to spend more time in a relaxed mode. Prepare meals the night before. Iron garments for the next day and place the schoolbags near the front door so kids can just grab them on their way out. The lesser things you have to manage throughout the day, the less stressful things will be for you and your family and tendency for burnout is not too close ahead.

5. Take time to exercise. Perhaps the last thing you want to do when you catch a few minutes is to exercise but incorporating some physical fitness activity in your day has long-term implications. Exercise stretches your muscles as well as it helps you clear your mind. Replenish the happy chemicals in your body that stress has drained away during the day by exercising. Do jumping jacks during a TV commercial break or jog to the next corner as you pick up some bread or groceries.

6. Laugh regularly. Read something funny or subscribe to site with daily jokes. Laughing expels stress and can elevate your spirits greatly. It can also keep your abs tight.

Moms, do take care of your selves. You owe it to yourself to take a break that you deserve. For a few moments, get away from the daily rush. Your family and your self will be grateful for it.

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