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The most popular internet games are Pac-man, Bejeweled, Pong, and Street Fighter. These games have a timeless merit that keeps them active even in today’s world of hi-definition graphics and advanced game play. Best of all, most of these classic arcade games can be played online for free.

Joust is a classic arcade game that places you in the role of a knight with a lance while mounted up on an ostrich. The game screen is a mere static screen with five platforms that are hanging in mid air.
The enemies come out wave after wave from the one

end of the screen. They come out at the screens in four different points of origin. To demolish an enemy knight one has to strike the knight at a higher position.

Donkey Kong
Donkey Kong was published by Nintendo. The game was the pioneer in the platform genre as the

game play essentially revolved around maneuvering.
The main character chances upon a series of platforms while evading various obstacles. The hero of the game and a giant ape called Donkey Kong has become the most popular game characters.
In spite of an initial slow down, the game continued to become a tremendous success. Accordingly, the game was developed for personal consoles.

Crimson skies
Crimson Skies is an arcade flight game produced by FASA. The game was published as a flight simulator with an arcade touch. Flight control system is fairly simple. The take off and landing are absolutely automated.
Players can select from a fleet of fighters, all loaded up with magnetic rockets and Tesla coils. The game has been released on Xbox.

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