Nokia Lumia 900 Phone Review

Nokia has presented its all new Lumia product line with quite different features compared to previous Nokia products. Although the features might come off as plain and ordinary on first impression, but once you evaluate it deeper, you will probably realize this Windows phone 7.5 could teach Android a lesson. It has a classy silicon body, with a touch of business in its features. The battery life is impressive as it lasts for 2-3 days and this is no surprise, since battery life has never been a problem for Nokia.

Some might not find the Lumia 900 too attractive, especially

the app junkies. They would obviously expect to have loads of new apps and updates in their handset and so Nokia Lumia 900 cannot be recommended to all such app fanatics. It has a more business touch than all that and it still strives to do any better than its competitors in this regard.

The resolution is no where near to that of SIII or iPhone, yet is still impressive in that, with a 900x480 resolution, it still manages to show clear and true colors of the pictures and movies. The videos work fine too other than some issues concerning the Zune app that comes on board. To enjoy the best video results, however, you may need to give up the idea of viewing full version of the site, as the mobile phone compressed version works far better. This is mainly due to lack of Flash support which Nokia is expected to fix in the upcoming Lumia products. Talking about its body, the camera has been well placed and gives it a classy look. The video

results are only slightly better than that of Sony. Whats more is that gamers get a chance to try out the games on Xbox Live and the 25 GB internal Microsoft cloud storage is probably beneficial to them in this regard.

Nokia Drive:
Another impressive feature on the Lumia 900 is the Nokia’s Sat Nav app. It gives this phone a slight edge over others, whilst Samsung especially strives to get as good as Nokia in this feature. Overall, it is easy to use and simpler to understand.

Nokia Music:
With a number of genres streamed by the Mix Radio, the music feature of Nokia Lumia 900 is just awesome. You can select from a variety of genres and tunes as well as buy your favorite one.

Technical specs:
05 Windows Phone 7.5 Screen 4.3 in/11cm, 800x480 Chip Single-core Qualcomm Scorpion 11.4GHz Camera 8MP w/dual LEO Flash, 720p ®30fps (rear); IMP, VGA (front) Storage 16GB + 25GB SkyDrive

Stuff magazine describes this phone as “A fine, upstanding alternative to the iPhone and Android masses.”

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