Loft Residence Living: Mixing Comfort, Style And Functionality

Residential styles of living have diversified greatly over the last the decades. Similarly, lofts have undergone radical transformations in uses as well. From being industrial edifices, these structure have been developed into the most trendy habitats of free-spirited and modern suburbanites, artists, skilled home entrepreneurs, or simply any person or family in need of a larger living space.

Residences in smartly renovated old buildings are sought after by many suburban families now. The growing need for loft residences, give building contractors and real estate investors opportunities to profit from this trend. The attractions of a loft dwelling include uncovered brick walls,

high ceilings, large space, and architectural details. To add to the comfort, no outdoor gardening and lawn mowing skills are needed in loft living.

Several beautiful residential lofts nowadays were previously old factories. Today, the first impressions of lofts are of space, brightness, and comfort.

Loft space allows you to combine different furniture styles. A modern, overstuffed, single-color futon can merge with a lacquered table, an antique drawer, or an old chest. A wooden armoire can stand-in as a closet. Add warmth to concrete floors with hemp mats. On the ceiling, expose metal pipes to put emphasis on the contemporary industrial look; extend this industrial motif to the kitchen area using stainless steel and brushed aluminum accents on sinks, appliances, furniture and kitchen accessories.

Loft buyers love the concept of openness with no

walls and no doors (except for the bathrooms!) type of home home. Furniture can be huge and comfy to pair up with a few striking modern art pieces.

Rent a loft if you think you like to give loft living a try. You may also redesign your home to create a lofty look.

• Use only simple yet functional window treatments. Bamboo blinds, wooden horizontal blinds, or customized Roman blinds are great for this intention.

• Putting up kitchen shelve is an uncomplicated yet smart way to showcaseshow your china collection and beloved pieces.

• Put up a large shower stall in place of your bathtub area to create an illusion of a larger floor space. Set a two-thirds wall of glass instead of using a shower curtain as a division of the shower from the rest of the bath to keep the visually open look of the bath area.

• Point light towards the ceiling using torch lamps. Illuminating the ceiling draws the eye movement up, creating a visual play of a higher ceiling. Reflected light coming from the ceiling also looks flattering.

• An open-concept for the living and dining areas create a modern look. Use area rugs to simply define the spaces.

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