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The Importance of Corporate Communication and Public Relations
Published By Athena on 2011-06-07 176 Views

As the interaction between the government, industry, the environment, and the public becomes extremely complex, Public Relations has become an inevitable component of corporate affairs.

PR or Public relations is about shaping and projecting an image as a key element in the drive for success. Top executives now consider a good image as a basic resource in the same way that they view finance or people. As the interaction between the government, industry, the environment, and the public becomes extremely complex, Public Relations has become an inevitable component of corporate affairs.

Public Relations is the corporation communicating with its various publics with the end in view of winning public understanding, acceptance, and support. Question: What can good public relations do for a bad company? Answer: Run it out of business quicker. Why is this so? Because PR is not only about form, of media mileage, and of cosmetics. It is a public recognition of a substantive performance. In fact PR can very well mean Performance Recognition.

The Role of Corporate Communication

Management analysts estimate that managers spend from 50 to 90 percent of their time communicating. Each communication activity, of course, carries with it specific objectives which relate to any of the following:

1. Corporate Philosophy and Ideology

* Evolve corporate philosophy and ideology.
* Enable officers/ employees to understand, appreciate and express corporate philosophy/ ideology.
* Enable officers/ employees to define and share corporate vision.
* Enable officers/ employees to define their roles in the organization.

2. Corporate Image

* Update on range of company activities.
* Update on company performance (i.e., growth rat, export performance, financial capability).
* Define future company directions (long-range and short-range plans).

3. Marketing Tool

* Create consumer awareness and acceptance of company products/ services.
* Generate sales.

4. Productivity and Profitability

* Create productivity awareness and quality consciousness.
* Increase employee’s morale
* Provide opportunity for professional development (skills upgrading, value formation, etc.)
* Provide update on recent company policies, rules, and regulations.

5. Employee Relations and Professional Development

* Enhance camaraderie between and among employees and officers.
* Update on staff transitions (i.e., appointment, promotions, scholarships)
* Provide occasion for expression of creative talents.
* Develop critical thinking (awareness), among employees/ staff on national/ local issues.

6. Industrial Harmony and Peace

* Provide a forum for dialogue between labor and management sectors.
* Identify (potential) conflict situations and appropriate solutions.
* Create employee/ union support on specific issues.
* Provide opportunity for consensus-building on specific issues.
* Provide channel by which employees can give specific recommendations to management.

7. Social Responsibility and Public Image

* Generate public awareness/ support for specific company activities/ projects.
* Create awareness and support for community-oriented projects sponsored by the company.
* Enhance community relations
* Develop social awareness of readers

8. Government Relations

* Express company stance on government policies and programs (especially those affecting the business)
* Promote government-private dialogue on vital economic and industry issues, programs, and projects.

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