How To Wire Pine Cones For Christmas Ornaments And Decorations

Pine cones and other big items can also be bound to a wreath base with great ease using wires. Wiring in these large items (as contrary to attaching them with glue) also grants you much more flexibility in the design process. Just wire your elements in place, hang the wreath, and stand back and analyze the effect. Then, if you are not delighted with the results, the items can be removed or relocated in just minutes — without causing damage to the items or your base.

To wire a cone, just fold a length of heavy-gauge wire in half and slip

the looped end down around the cone's lower scales. Twist the wire ends together and fold the scales of the cone back to hide the wire. When the cones will be arranged a tight manner (like an all-cone wreath), the wires will not show and you won't have to hide them using floral tape. In wreaths where the cones are utilized as accents, though, the wires would possibly show and require taping.

To wire other bigger items — like Christmas ornaments, stuffed animals, bows, etc. — the only challenge is in looking for an inconspicuous place to put the wire. A bow can be wired in after it's finished (usually via a loop in the ribbon in the back), or before the bow's been made when it's still a long strand of ribbon.

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