How To Wear Makeup To Complement Your Eyeglasses

Wearing eyeglasses sometimes alters your appearance, hiding your beauty. Here are complementing makeup techniques for women wearing glasses.

Framing blush

If your blush looks unnatural under your glasses, try putting on your glasses when you apply it. Stroke it on, following the line of the frame from the center of your cheeks up towards your temples in a gentle curve. Blend well. This will emphasize your cheeks in line with your frames so that the blush does not "change color" when seen through tinted lenses.

Eye-catching makeup

- The rule to keep in mind when applying eye makeup under tinted lenses is to select

colors that are close to each other in the color spectrum. For instance, rose-tinted lenses will not be attractive over green eye shadow. The combination produces a muddy effect. Nonetheless, rose lenses with blue eye makeup gives you a soft mauve—really pretty.

- If you're farsighted, your type

of lenses enlarge the eyes. To counteract this effect, select eye makeup in neutral tones—browns, grays, soft plums. Using eye shadow brush or eye pencil, draw a line close to the lashes on the upper lids and brush or finger-smudge the line up toward the brow and out (away from the nose). The concept is to get deep color close to the lashes, very subtle color on the lids and under the brows.



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