How To Spray Your Tree Safely

Protecting your fruit trees from pests during the summer is almost impossible without the use of pesticides or chemicals. This may scare some people to believe that the actual fruits will have traces of chemicals. When pesticide spraying is done correctly, all pests can be removed without harming the tree. If you are spraying chemicals, most likely you will be using a hose end sprayer or hand pump.

It is easier to regulate the right mix of chemicals if you are using the pump sprayers. Unfortunately, you will not be able to spray so far. It won’t reach the treetops. This

can be achieved using hose-end sprinklers, but acquiring the right mix of chemicals is more of a challenge. Everything counts in the water pressure for this to happen, although sometimes, the water pressure is not constant. One day it could be less, where their chemical content would be higher. The types of materials obtained by application of the hose are usually very strong. They must be severely modified before they are weak enough to use.

When you mix the chemicals for spraying, you have to follow the instructions precisely. These are hazardous chemicals, so it is best to do exactly what the professionals recommend including putting on appropriate protective equipment. When dealing with chemicals like this, always wear rubber gloves. Use the exact portions suggested on the label. Estimation does not work in this case, and could result in the death of your tree or not eliminating any pest. You should start by mixing the right amount of pesticides,

and then topped with all of the water.

Now follows the fumigation. The aim is to spray similar extent in all areas. You would not want to spray in such a way that it accumulates enough to drip out of the leaves. Use a ladder to get within spraying distance of all parts of the tree. Since the pesticide wide, full scans to reach each piece. Never go over the same part twice, because that is when the chemicals start to leak.

If you are spraying a large and well developed tree, must stand on a ladder at the base of the trunk. Spray in all segments from the inside out. After completing the spraying of the canopy, you are now ready to pull out from your position and work on the rest. Once you've finished cleaning, be sure to thoroughly clean thoroughly every bit of equipment you used, including clothes. Do not include clothing worn to spray with the rest of her family's clothes.

The main thing to remember when spraying pesticide is to prevent dripping on the ground. If this happens, pesticides will be absorbed by the roots of trees and channeled the actual fruits on the trees. Pesticides only remain on the outside so it is always best to clean the fruit thoroughly before eating, you will have nothing to worry about being poisoned.

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