How To Remove An Irritant From Your Eye

To safely deal with and remove an irritant in your eye, here are some ways. The eyes are very delicate. Extra care should be taken when looking into something that causes eye irritation.

1. Don’t rub it. This can seriously damage your eye.
2. Get help. Involuntary blinking and tearing can make it difficult for you to see clearly enough to examine your own eye. Have someone else look at it. Preferably in a well-lit area.
3. Examine your eye. Have your helper examine your eye by gently pulling the lower lid downward. While this happens, you should look upward. Reverse

the procedure for the upper lid.
4. Evaluate the object. If the object is embedded n your eyeball, don’t try to

remove it. Instead, cover your eye with a sterile pad or clean cloth and seek emergency care.
Also seek emergency care if the object is large and makes closing your eye difficult (protect your eye on the way to the doctor by covering it with a paper cup).
5. Remove the object, if possible. If the object is floating on the surface of your eye, you may be able to flush it out. Using an eyecup or small glass, flush your eye with eyewash solution or with clean, lukewarm water.

Seek emergency help if these don’t clear the eye, or if pain, redness or vision problems persist.

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