How To Properly Wax Your Ski And Snowboards

Having best ride possible on a ski or snowboard is what all skiers and snowboarders want. Properly waxed and tuned your ski and snowboard gears can really make a big difference. It's even more noticeable in less than ideal situations like when it's icy. Where you live and spend most of your time skiing are the main determining factors. It's super easy to get complacent and comfortable when we frequent the same places all the time. We'd like to talk more about tuning and waxing tips you can use on your skis and snowboards, but do be sure you continue

learning more about it.

If you're too eager to get moving to do a proper tuning/waxing job, then we'll say this about waxing. Put some amount of wax on your skis or your snowboard because it'll make a huge difference in your experience. You can get away with applying cold wax on your bases and then work it in as much as possible. While applying cold wax is the minimum you should do, for best results, you have to use hot wax on your board or skis. Even the just the minimum required maintenance to your ski base and edge will greatly benefit your ride. Not everybody has the time to maintain their equipment. So, if you're a bit of a minimalist with

things, then at least do the minimum amount of basic care for your skis or snowboard. After a day of skiing or snowboarding, be sure to always dry your gear. Hit the edges with a diamond stone, but do it properly, so you can keep a good sharp edge on your skis. A little experience will tell you when the edge is sharp.

Get as much of the old residue and wax off the surface as possible before you begin. The best way to do this is with a good scraper. Be aware that residue caused by petroleum products contained in man-made-snow will left on your equipment. You would think that it would make you go faster, but that's not the case. There are times on manmade snow that you will feel like you just hit a pile of dirt. A cloth and solvent should get what you missed with the scraper.

You'll find that if you learn how to properly tune and wax your skis and snowboards, your equipment will last much longer. Additionally, appropriate care is an excellent and wise idea for safety concerns plus your accomplishments will increase. So always circumvent the negligence of your winter athletic equipment.

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