How To Plan A Hassle-free Family Road Trip

Deciding to take a family road trip may be challenging both on to your thinking and on your patience. However, if you make your preparations ahead of time, the road trip can turn out be one of the best if not the most memorable experience that your family will have.

Here are some tips to help make your family road trip a safe and fun:

Things to Bring

Make a checklist of items you will need during the trip. This will include food, drinks, first aid kit, snacks, a cooler, some toys, paper and crayons, coloring books, and a portable DVD player (if

your car doesn’t have one already), movies, so your children can watch their favorite movies. You may also ask suggestios from the kids on what games they would wish to bring (with your approval, of course).

Bring healthy snacks. Too much sugar-loaded snacks can make the kids hyperactive inside the vehicle. Remember, this should be a relaxed and leisurely family vacation and you would not want to kids to get bored or continuously asking you on when you will be arriving.

Search print out games online that you and the kids can bring along and use while on the road. You will be able to find printable of puzzles and riddles online as well.

If you have babies or toddlers, bring the diaper bag and extra wipes for the occasional spills, pillows and blankets if necessary, and a child’s favorite item such as a stuffed toy to keep them company.


Choose your destination, then contact your travel agent for advice, discounts on accommodations and necessary tickets if needed. Get suggestions scenic routes, take the more calming ones and those that are pleasing to the eye, particularly to the driver.

Stop Overs

After going over the planned route, you should also check online the gas stations along the way. Find the ones that can offer the cheapest gas rates. Mark any possible points of interest along the way and make a plan to stop and enjoy a moment at these sites.

Plan to make regular pit stops. This will also allow the children to run around and de-stress. It will also give the adults time to stretch and recharge. You may bring along a ball so

that the whole family can have some amusement while exercising, too.


It is very important to address safety concerns. This includes the car checked-up by an auto-mechanic or garage service. See to it that the oil and filter are replaced; the tires are in good condition (including a good spare tire); the windshield wipers are newly replaced (if necessary); and the car is in superb condition before you take the trip.

To add, you may also wish to bring these other items in your luggage compartment: emergency road kit, a lawn chair, umbrellas, extra blanket, flashlight and batteries, water, windshield wiper cleaner, and a battery-powered radio. Your glove compartment must have a first aid kit and a charger for your cell phone. Keep all medicines in a Ziploc bag in a container or bag that you can easily access. Putting them in the glove compartment might damage the medicines because of the heat.

Make a list of contact numbers including the hotel or inn where you will be staying as well as those of family members and friends you might need to contact.

Other Activities

If you love scrapbooking, this road trip can provide a good opportunity to make new addition to the book. As you stop at some scenic places, ask the children to look for an item they wish to include in the scrapbook. If the you or the kids see something fascinating along the way, photograph it to be includes in the scrapbook as well.

Include the kids during decision making make them pack their own clothes (but check the traveling bag later) so they feel part of the total experience.


Family Road Trip on a Budget


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