How To Improve Speech Delivery

Many people dread speaking in public. Whether we like it or not, there will come a time when we have to stand and speak in front of an audience. It could happen in school, in a company presentation, a public service event in your community, or even in a formal family gathering. It is good to be prepared when these speaking tasks come.

A number of exercises exist for helping people improve the physical delivery of their speeches. Here are some tips to strengthen the various aspects of physical speech delivery:

• To improve vocal variety, read aloud from the phone book

or a cook book with expression.
• To improve eye contact, have several of the audience raise

their hands. The speaker must maintain good eye contact for at least three seconds before each person will lower his or her hand. The speaker must then raise the hands using the same procedure.
• To improve eye expression, use a sheet of paper with a rectangle cut out large enough to expose the eyes. Look into a mirror, through the paper, so that you can see only your eyes. Use your eyes to express these emotions: joy, anger, surprise, sadness, etcetera.

With good speech content and preparedness in speech delivery, hopefully when the next opportunity arises you will have the confidence needed

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