How To Choose The Best Skydiving School For You

For the really extreme sports fan, there is nothing more extreme and exhilarating compared to jumping from an airplane thousands of feet up in the sky. A lot of people would love to learn how to skydive, but might not know how to start or where to go. The best way to learn is to proceed to a skydiving school. Here are some information that would help you select the perfect school for you.

Check the credentials

Sky diving is a really dangerous sport, and so it’s important to pick out a dependable and certified sky diving school. Most importantly, you must

check over the credentials of the instructors and the programs a school teaches. You must also look up the certifications provided by national and international sky diving schools and associations, and check if your possible school has these. You should also check the school’s equipment and make certain that they are in good condition and of decent quality.

Get in good shape

Sky diving is an exceedingly physical activity, and so you’ll need to pass a physical testing first. If you’re in good shape, then this should be reasonably easy, but if you have particular conditions, then you might want to consult with your doctor first to see if you’re fit to sky dive. You should constantly have open communication with you sky diving school and let them know about whatever illnesses or conditions that you may have. You may also need to bring out other pieces of information such as if you have lately donated blood or have gone scuba diving.

Know the federal restrictions

Besides health restrictions, there are likewise age limitations for sky diving. A lot of countries and states impose a minimum sky diving age – in the US, you should be at least

16. Nevertheless, parents or guardians can sign a waiver to give their consent. In that case, the parent or guardian would need to be present to watch over the sky diving session. Other more rigid schools have a minimum age requirement of 18.

Learn the basics

If you’re a novice, then it would be a good idea to begin with the right-down basics. You must choose a school that offers the very basic courses such as practice jumping usingf wind tunnels, and practice free falls utilizing sky diving simulators. When you have mastered these skills, then it’s time to march on to tandem sky diving, which requires the student being strapped to an instructor who will command the entire jump, freefall, and landing process. This technique is offered at all sky diving schools for novices, so that they may get a feel of the routine.

Demonstrate your sky diving knowledge

Lastly, you’ll have to study a little and take a short oral and written test to exhibit your knowledge. You’ll also have to take a virtual test to show your capabilities. These are comparatively easy though, as long as you’ve been attentively listening to your instructor.

You’re now ready to look out and pick a skydiving school. Learning how to sky dive would most definitely be among the most exiting and memorable adventures of your life. Just always remember that safety always comes first.


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