Household Tip: Organizing Your Attic

The attic is usually the least convenient of the storage spaces. You may have a sloped roof and pull-down stairs to deal with. It’s best for items you access only a few times per year or even less often, such as holiday decorations, or toys and furniture you’re saving for your next baby or grandchild.

• Delineate areas for different items. Examples could include decorations, travel gear and furniture.
• A portable, battery-operated lantern or flashlight should be easily accessible to provide light when you retrieve something from the attic. Hang it on a string attached to a beam above the

entrance so it will be within arm’s reach.
• Stash luggage up here, with small suitcases inside larger ones to conserve space.
• Cover furniture with old sheets to protect it from dust and the environment. Treat any stains on fabric before storing. Remove mirrors and glass tops from dressers and store in large, thin cardboard boxes obtainable from a moving company or a home and office depot.
• Leave the crib assembled and load baby gear inside it so everything is in
one place.
• Keep the originals of important documents such as birth certificates in a bank safe-deposit box, but other papers you need to store long term can be stowed here in stackable plastic file boxes.
• Place storm windows, screens and shutters into overlooked spaces, such as where the roof slants down to meet the floor.
• Lay seasonal wreaths horizontally to preserve their shape. Protect from dust—cover with a dry cleaning bag, or buy a plastic or cardboard wreath box.
• Store garlands with the lights already intertwined, so you don’t have to wind them together again each year. Generally, a large garbage bag holds the amount of greenery it takes for one staircase.
• Don’t forget decorations for other holidays—Thanksgiving, Halloween, Valentine’s Day, Fourth of July. Combine several holidays into one large storage box. Label both the top and side so contents can be identified quickly from any direction.

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