Homemade Remedies For Head Lice

If your family has encountered dealing with head lice, and you have tried searching continuously for effective lice remedies, you would know how frustrating it can be. This could even be more of a nightmare if you’ve tried various over the counter; lice treatment solutions that failed to free your family from lice infestation.

Using an over the counter lice treatment formula, could make you end up spending a lot of cash every time someone in the family brings home head lice, sometimes, it happens that t the treatments wouldn’t even work.

A better option could be to try a home remedy

for lice. Most home remedies are a lot less expensive, more effective, and safer for eliminating head lice. There are many, safe and non-toxic alternative remedies that you may want to try before spending large amounts of cash on over the counter or synthetic lice cures.

Among the many lice remedies available, one home remedy for lice that that has been suggested even by pediatricians is using real mayonnaise. To use mayonnaise for lice treatment you should drench the hair and scalp in mayonnaise, after which you must cover the head with a shower cap. The treatment should be kept on for a few hours.

When it is time for removing the mayonnaise, just wash the hair using dishwashing soap several times until the mayonnaise is completely gone. Use a specially designed comb for removing the dead lice and nits.

After the lice treatment, it will be important to exhaustively clean every surface of the home. Vacuum all rugs and upholstery; wash beddings, garments and coats. Anything that can’t be washed must be stored in an air-tight container or plastic bag for two weeks the least. This process must be repeated every four days for two weeks to see to it that the head lice infestation is in check.

There are other home remedies that are known to work to treat lice infestation; among these are use of olive oil or tea tree oil instead of using mayonnaise. Regular use of a shampoo containing coconut oil is also known to work wonders for keeping your family free from head lice.

The most important step you should take in order to prevent head lice infestation in your family is to make your children aware of the risks of sharing personal belongings such as combs and hats with other children. Head lice transfer through physical contact with the hair. A louse can also be found clinging on clothes, furniture, accessories, combs, etc.

If your child is sent home from school because of head lice, don’t be scared. With just some research, you are sure to discover a good lice remedy that works.

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