Home Security Tips To Keep Your Home Safe From Burglars

Close the Door on Break-Ins

Good crime prevention begins at your front door. Prior to investing in expensive locks, be sure the door itself is a good one. If it's a hollow-core door, it can be readily broken down. Entry doors should be metal or have a solid wood core at least 1 3/4 inches thick.

Protection for Free

Among the best ways to avoid burglaries doesn't cost anything except a little time. Form a Neighborhood Watch or Block Watch program to encourage people to keep a watchful eye on the houses closest to them. The idea is to get people to call

police the second they notice anything suspicious. Although a watch program can't replace good locks and other home security measures, it's added insurance versus break-ins.

To get a Neighborhood Watch program going in your area, invite everybody to an organizational meeting. Request the police department to

send an officer or sheriff to offer tips on home security, self-protection, and what types of behavior to report. Neighbors who are home during the day can watch the homes of others who are working. There must also be a formal routine for notifying participants when someone is going away on vacation or business so they can keep a closer eye on that particular home. And if any burglary or other crime occurs, a phone network amongst neighbors can put everybody on the alert.


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