Home Interior Decorating And Your Personality

Having innovative, creative, chic but no-nonsense interior decor demands some research. Interior design ideas from home and garden websites are great for starters. But you can blend in your own style with the existing decorating ideas.

Create a stylish impression by leaving some printed materilas such as Architectural Digest and travel magazines lounging on the center table. Books about musicians or history are also good to have around.

Obviously, if you are a frequent traveler, your interior will be decorated with items gathered from the foreign lands you've visited. If you can visualize your home being filmed for a TV program

or a featured in a magazine, you would fancy giving a hint of your character, and show glimpses of your chic style. Your home decor suggests your interests,hobbies, education (books are a lot more than decorations) and fashion sense.

Most importantly, your home should display an eye for color. Aim to make your home as unique as your character, practical and stylish enough for a magazine, yet as comfortable as a greatly loved pair of slippers.

Show that you have excellent taste, good feng shui, and nice house-warming soirees. Decide on a color or a central subject and apply it throughout the house; this need not have to be rigid, but should reveal your taste. Blend in the personality of the property and give it a voice in the decor. Mix past with present, antiques with junk, but above all keep it innovative.

Ideally decorate before you move in, if not at very least settle the specifics before the moving time chaos. Have a focal point to the room, and work around it. Mirrors make a room look bigger, dark colors on the ceiling make the room gloomy.

Add framed pictures and determine where the TV, the sofa

and the bed go, then install the rest around these.

Add an antique clock if you can afford it; the tick-tock sounds like a heart beat, and, when you get used to it, it will stop annoying you and it will tranquility to your home. If not, have a piano, or an instrument, but that is with consideration to neighbors and space.

Moving home is the time to be rigid and also schedule a regular spring clean. Get rid of old clutter. But don't forget you are not a robot, nor should you dwell in a sterilized environment. A comfy chair you can curl up on is necessary. Your home should be inviting, but not too inviting: visitors who won't leave can be draining on a host or hostess. The balance you are striving for is: 10 per cent ambience; 10 per cent character; 20 per cent ease and 50 per cent style.

Make your place clean, yet comfortable; you can look at show homes, but you can never live in them. What's important is that your home is livable to a real-live human being, and not a home resembling a sick mind. You know what I mean.



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