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A Guide to Eating Healthy Meals for the Busy Lifestyle
Published By Athena on 2011-04-20 116 Views

People have a lot of excuses why they're not eating healthy foods. Among the most common of these reasons is the lack of time to think about selecting the right foods and cooking them for themselves and their household. These people generally just grab fast food or take-out rather than the healthier foods, and most of the time, these quick meal fixes are filled with undesirable fats, bad cholesterol, sugar, and empty calories. All the same, no matter how little time you spend in the kitchen or at the supermarket, there still are ways in which you'll be able to eat in a healthy manner even with the lack of time. Learning the quick healthy eating technique can make a lot of difference in fixing your diet.

Eating nutritious foods begins with choosing nutritious ingredients, but if you lack time, you may feel that spending time in the supermarket will not fit into your schedule. Maximize your time by planning ahead in a bi-weekly manner. Instead of going to the store each time you need an ingredient, make a list and keep your pantry, refrigerator, and freezer stocked with good, healthy ingredients. You can create your shopping list while eating lunch, during a meeting, or while you are waiting in line at the bank. A list will also help you curb your compulsory buying, which is when we buy many the foods that may not be good for the health.

Along with planning your grocery list, likewise plan your meals. If you are left with little time to cook during the week, you may alternatively try making a couple of healthy meals ahead during the weekend and then putting them in your freezer. Before going to work in the morning, just place the frozen dinner in the refrigerator for thawing and then cook it in the oven to when you get home from work. This will also help you avoid the need to buy fast food.

In times when you find yourself craving for a quick meal and prefer to order out, go for the healthy options. Instead of selecting burger and fries, for example, consider chicken breast alternatives. There are fast food restaurants that serve salads and fruit, but beware of the dressing, which can have heaps of fats and empty calories. Keep nutritious drinks on hand at home instead of buying a soda as well. Better yet, dump the idea of having the burger, pizza, and Mexican joints entirely and choose a sandwich or sub instead, where you could choose a whole wheat bread and ask them to omit the mayonnaise.

Healthy eating on the run may not be easy. However, setting aside bit more time into preparing it will be worth that extra effort, because you’ll be living a healthier lifestyle in the long run. Practicing these habits will help you to quickly eat but in a healthier way that is very possible.

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