Games 2011: Deus Ex Human Revolution

Deus Ex: Human Revolution appeared from nowhere and stormed several video gamers at last year’s E3. Instead of watering down a darling franchise, the team at Eidos Montreal is centered on adhering what made the original Deus Ex games grand: an intricate conspiracy plot, fantastic world design, and the power to decide between multiple solutions for each goal and enemy encounter.

A lot of these choices come along courtesy of protagonist Adam Jensen with his cybernetic enhancements. Jensen’s entire body could be augmented depending on your play style. A few augmentations facilitate him achieve incredible takedowns - instant-kill moves executed close

up - like one where he snaps the neck of the guard standing on the other side by punching through the wall. Others would enhance his stealth power or afford him to leap greater distances. There is also an entire set of yet-undisclosed augmentations to help Jensen’s social and hacking paths. Though Adam is not the sole augmented individual in Human Revolution; the E3 show finished in an encounter with a Southern-accented muscle head whose arm transmutes into a chain gun, suggesting at some of the brawny (and insane) adversaries Jensen will face.

Deus Ex video game has an engrossing world to support it. In the two levels seen at E3, the social/exploration-focused bar scene was particularly fascinating, swarming with NPCs that convincingly set about their day-to-day activities. Jensen would be able to converse with each non-enemy NPC in the game, occasionally gathering fresh information or entertaining anecdotes,

sometimes even catching a side quest that may help push one of his chief goals.

The art style and color palette of the video game is very Renaissance (as does intense dream/nightmare of Jensen in the amazing E3 trailer which Square Enix put out). Jean-Francois Dugas, creative director of Eidos Montreal, says that this design would help distinguish them from an ocean of shooters that all appear very similar, and he’s right. The nearly sepia tone golden tinge that Human Revolution is immersed in is excising. Curiosity would get you on how the Renaissance style could tie into the game thematically, but the whole plot remains a mystery. The dialog seen was engaging, well composed, and coupled with first-class voice acting.

Deus Ex: Human Revolution fills up a gaming niche that you may not even fully realize you’ve been searching for. It’s still more of a shooter game than an RPG, setting it apart from the BioWare and Bethesda style, but it includes more compelling choices and more unique surroundings than just about any of the first-person shooters. Whether the video game’s magnitude will span out as perfectly as we can hope remains to be seen. Deus Ex: Human Revolution for PS3 and XBOX 360 is scheduled for release in August 2011.


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