Fun And Inexpensive Family Field Trips

Here are some inexpensive and fun family activities to try:

* Play mini-golf. Admission fees for miniature golf activities are usually affordable, and it allows for a relaxed yet friendly family competition.

* Visit a petting zoo. Although these petting zoos do not have the typical exotic animals you would find at larger zoos, but children can feed and touch the animals.

* Go to a museum. Most museums offer very affordable or even free admission, while others are more expensive. But the bigger and more expensive ones often sell seasonal passes, so if you live nearby, you can visit it several times

for a lower price.

* Go boating. If live near a lake or a body of water, boating is a fun and relaxing activity. You will have to

prepare for canoe and paddleboat rental fees which can cost a bit more money. When you’re done boating there are generally other inexpensive or free activities for the family around the area.

* Attend events at a nearby school or university. These may include concerts, plays, dance and instrument recitals and film showings. Prices are often low, and student discounted rates may normally apply to kids, too.

Having fun family activity does not demand for a six-figure income. If you “seek, then you will find.” You may also search online other free or inexpensive family activities that you can enjoy almost anywhere.


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