Fat And Beauty Treatment Uses

The word “Fat” has become a despicable word for almost all people especially in the United States. One major reason for this is that society dictates to us that we have to be either thin or muscular. How come there are some people who pay a lot of money to have fat injected into their bodies? The answer is quite simple - cosmetic surgery nowadays uses fat injected as fillers in facial areas where more structure is needed. As we age, our faces begin to droop and sag naturally caused by sun exposure, chewing, smiling and frowning, squinting, and some

other causes. The underlying tissues in our skin give way and then we are left with extra skin that creases and wrinkles.

The more common types of injectables are fat and collagen. These substances are being injected into the face to fill in creases and lines and to plump up the parts of your face that are have sunk or wrinkled. These injections are also used to make the lips plumper and add a little volume to your cheeks. In addition, it is usually being used to get rid of smile lines, laugh lines, forehead creases, and crow’s feet. The final result is a smoother, natural-looking face. Although this effect won’t last forever, regular treatments can assist in keeping your youthful appearance for a longer time than normal. Several people get injectable treatments in conjunction with face

lifts, brow lifts, or botox treatments.

Be aware that if you get collagen injectables, there is will be a risk that your body will have allergic reactions to the product. To be sure of your safety, have your cosmetic surgeon do an allergy skin test a few weeks prior to your treatment. With fat injectables, allergies may not be a dilemma, because the fat will be extracted from the patient’s own body. It is important however, to keep in mind that any form of cosmetic surgery comes with risk of complications, some may be quite serious.

At any rate, be sure that you make a consultation appointment with your cosmetic surgeon at least twice before the procedure. He or she must know exactly what type of look you wish to attain with your injectable treatment. Because this won’t last forever, some patients it may see effect gone in as little as a month. Discuss with your doctor and ask about the risks as well as about the treatment process itself and the length of recovery period. It is important that you understand how it works so you are aware of what to expect. Always make certain to take your doctor’s advice on what to avoid eating and drinking before your treatment.

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