Fashion Style For Petite And Smaller Women

By carefully choosing your clothes you can appear appealing even with a short height. Coupled with good posture, here are simple guidelines that can help you dress to complement your size.

* Avoid wearing suits, dresses, or pants in bulky fabrics. It doesn’t mean that you have to totally avoid wearing fuzzy sweaters, a luxurious quilted jacket, or textured shirts. Just make sure you wear slim pants with your knitted sweaters, a sleek shirt with that heavy skirt, or a narrow evening skirt or pants with you quilted jacket.

* Wear similar shades from waist to toe. You don’t have to restrict

yourself to wearing a single color from head to toe. For instance, if you choose to wear a grey skirt, in this case, instead of wearing the usual skin-tone hosiery, opt for grayish or opaque stockings. The objective is to extend the color from waist down. If you choose to wear slacks, wear a neutral boot or shoe that blends with the color of your pants. Since the length of most jackets falls below the waist, they should blend
with the shade of your skirt or slacks. They don’t have to match, just blend. If your jacket is shorter than your waist length, it can contrast with what you’re wearing. It is okay for the short jacket to blend with the bottom, but don’t be compelled to wear all one color.

* Avoid extremes. Just choose clothes and accessories proportional to your size. Generally avoid too large handbags, chunky shoes or clogs, super high heels, enormous floral prints, huge hats, very wide skirts, very wide belts, and extreme collars. You can wear short skirts, long skirts, or knee length skirts; you can wear sweaters, blouses, jackets, and tops with high necks and low necks, even turtlenecks. Just avoid extremes.

* Don’t be something you’re not. You’re not tall. That’s it. Be yourself and make the most of it. People admire you because of your personality and achievements not because of your height.

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