Facts To Know Before Hiring Home Cleaning Services

Are you thinking of hiring home cleaning services? Here are some facts you should know before you employ your cleaners.

As more and more individuals dedicate longer hours to work and social activities, many homeowners are employing the help of cleaning-service companies to take care of house chores.

Choosing a cleaning company can pose quite a challenge, as there over 20,000 cleaning-service selections in the United States alone, ranging from freelance housekeepers to registered franchised business chains. Not all homeowners are mindful of the legal matters on hiring a household helper.

For instance, whether you’re hiring your neighbor’s son to shovel the snow

or mow the lawn or an independent housekeeper to do it, you could be liable if they get injured within your property. Although homeowners’ insurance policies may cover medical expenses, claims could bear on succeeding premiums and renewals. Besides, most of these policies do not cover lost remunerations or disability.

Larger companies may charge higher than freelance home service workers, simply because they can offer you peace of mind and preclude substantial expenses in the future.

Reputable and established home-cleaning service providers lessens the risk of accidental injury by abiding by cleaning procedures that comply with standards set by the Occupational Safety and Health Administration. Professional cleaning service providers also carry workers’ compensation insurance coverage, which protects homeowners if ever an injury happens on their property.

Here are additional tips to protect yourself from a liability suit such as a personal injury suit:

* Hire cleaning service companies that include workers’ compensation insurance.

* Lessen the injury risk that may happen on your property by employing professional services that abide by OSHA standards.

* Be extra careful when dealing with referral agencies. They could be professional cleaning service providers, but they may not be the ones directly employing the workers who clean your home. There is no guarantee of supervision, training of employees, proper equipment or supplies, insurances, or compliance with immigration rules or OSHA standards.

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