Eating Healthy Meals In A Diner Or Cafe

Although not all diners or cafes are created alike, they typically offer a standard set of food on their menu. Here are some ways to keep a healthy diet even when dining in a cafe or diner.

Hearty and Healthy Breakfast Items
It is expected to find a variety of egg dishes, waffles, pancakes, and French toasts with either, bacon, sausages, or other breakfast meats on the breakfast menu of most diners. All these hearty meals are full of saturated fat and bad cholesterol. It would be better to opt for a simple dish of poached or boiled eggs, whole-wheat toasts

(not biscuits), and some tomatoes or fruit. If you can order white omelet with vegetables, that would be good, too. Other good breakfast choices would be a bowl of oatmeal or whole grain cold cereal with fruit and skim milk or low-fat milk. If you choose to have a granola bar, make sure it's the low-fat variant.

Healthy Lunch at a Diner
Grab a sandwich made of grilled chicken or turkey, whole wheat bread, with mustard, lettuce, and tomato. You may choose to have a soup but steer clear from the creamy ones. Another good choice would be a garden salad without the cheese, fatty meats, or crispy noodles - just the greens with reduced fat dressing or vinaigrette. Always choose the grilled chicken sandwich

over a burger.

Low-Calorie Dinner at a Diner
Your may have a salad or vegetable soup as a starter, or simply combine the two and you have a filling low-calorie meal. Your meat could be a roasted or grilled chicken breast. If they have grilled fish, that's good, too but be sure to know where the fish comes from (are these fresh-catch or frozen?). Sometimes you can tell by the location of the restaurant. Frozen is still OK, but it will not taste as good as the fresh catch of the day. If you should order pot roast or turkey, forgo the gravy and stuffing. As an alternative to the stuffing side dish, ask for additional vegetables instead. Stay away from anything fried such as fried shrimps, pork chops, and country-fried chicken or steaks.

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