Do You Need An Insurance For Moving House?

Why You Need to Check the Insurance

Prior to hiring a mover, acquire written details of the insurance coverage offered by the moving company. Likewise check the length of time you have to file the insurance claim. When you're already fussed out on the moving day, a few damages may escape your attention. 90 days is the standard length of time for filing an insurance claim.

Also verify if your homeowner’s insurance will cover the move. If you have anything especially valuable—such as a priceless antique or a one-of-a-kind art piece—you must ask about special coverage.

The movers would give you with an

enumerated waybill after loading the truck. It’s a good idea to have your own list, which includes details of the number of boxes taken
from each room and every item not bundled in a carton. Then you can countercheck your list with theirs. Your personal list is a great way to safeguard your belongings.

Why Guaranteed Delivery is Worth the Expense

If you must get your items picked up and delivered on specific dates, spend for a guaranteed delivery. This actually does not guarantee your delivery, but it obliges the mover to pay a fine—averaging from $125 per day—plus expenses for you to stay in an inn if the date specified in the contract is not met.

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