Decorating Candles With Dried Flowers And Leaves

There are several ways to decorate plain candles that you have made or have bought. They can be painted, carved, stenciled, decoupaged, or appliqued using small pieces of cast or carved wax. Though it is easy to get carried away, it is wise to practice restraint; an undecorated candle is attractive in itself, and any implemented decoration must not detract from its intrinsic beauty.

Among the nicest ways to decorate candles is using natural materials, like dried wild flowers, weeds, or ferns. Buttercups, violets, hay, and other small-scale, easily dried flowers or grasses are perfect. Collect these from your garden or

house plants, and dry them using one of the commercially prepared products made for this purpose, like silica gel available at garden centers and craft supply stores.

To make these candles with decorative dried flowers, you'll need—besides the candles, wild flowers, and drying material mentioned above — a few pieces of brown wrapping paper, an iron, a small quantity of paraffin or household wax that has no color added to it, a small saucepan, a glass container big enough to hold wax to be melted, and

a large artist's brush.

Follow these simple step-by-step instructions to decorate a candle using dried flowers:
• Place the dried flowers or ferns you have chosen between two pieces of brown wrapping paper, and press with a dry iron set at low heat.
• Iron on an ironing board, or use a hard surface, like a stiff cardboard.
• Put glass container into saucepan containing around 1/2-inch of water.
• Add wax to the glass container and bring water to boil.
• Melt wax until liquid and maintain its liquid state throughout process.
• Position flower on candle and quickly paint hot wax over the whole flower. A thin coat is enough but repeat the process when necessary, until the flowers are totally covered and firmly sealed to the candle.

These candles are not suited to being burned all the way down. However, when they do, there is no danger of the dried flowers catching fire. They'll only become hot and curl up.

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