Haunted House Horror Game

A simple free internet game for kids and to kids-at-heart out there, let’s see if how many minutes a player can escape inside the haunted house to pass out of the main exit door with a picture of a big black bat on its steel locked door.
Reference link image no. 2 is the picture of the final exit door to get out of the horror house, but you must first search the black bat key in order to open it.

How to Play the Game:

The Yellow Jack-O-Lantern is your present health level, once your avatar contacted to any evil obstacles

the health level decreases and turns to color orange, it will only turns to red color before an energy health level depletes.

The “My Stuff” slots serves as your personal storage to any valuable items your avatar gathered found in every places inside the house, use any of them wisely.
Matching only the correct keys found to unlock respective doors.
Remember that some other doors cannot be open by just a key, how?
It’s up for you to find out, just use common sense, looks like an abstract game reasoning while playing the game.

Left, Right, Down, and Up Arrow Keys – move the avatar according to the directions
Spacebar – press to open doors or to pick up any items found.


Don’t get too close to any evil elements out there such as black cats, black bats, ghosts and offensive live skeletons.
Their movements

or intentions are very telegraphic, so if you are a good pc gamer you can manage to evade their attack or their path and crossing them unharmed.

For sure, you have to select your Avatar, enter your Screen Name
But you don’t need to enter your email address and you don’t need to participate in any advertisements.
Just disregard them; anyway the game can be finished by only a number of few minutes, just like my progress result, look at the reference link image no. 3, I finish the whole game in just 30 minutes and 28 seconds only.

REFERENCE LINK, right click the link and open in a new window:

The game I found can be played on this link, right click and open in a new window:


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