Confectionery Terms For Pastry And Dessert Enthusiasts

What’s in those fancy sweet names? Probably everything there is to know. Here are the common confectioners’ terms used for desserts and pastries.

Let us get to know them:

Buttercream: a rich creamy mixture of butter, eggs, and sugar used both as filling and frosting.

Dacquoise: a meringue paste with fine-ground nuts.

Dragée: a silver or gold sugar ball used for decorating

Ganache: a smooth mixture of melted or finely chopped chocolate and heated cream.

Génoise: a light, airy sponge-type cake that is usually round and the basis for many layered cakes.

Pastilage (or gum paste): an edible dough-like paste that can be used for modeling ribbons,

flowers, figure, and other decorations.

Piping: a technique for forcing buttercream , icing, chocolate, etc., from a pastry bag to form specific shapes or decorative designs.

Poured fondant: a soft, pliable paste made from sugar syrup that is used to fill/ or ice chocolates and other confections such as petits fours.

Praline: caramelized almonds and/or hazelnuts used as flavoring, filling, and decoration.

Pulled sugar: a taffy-like sugar that is formed into various shapes— ribbons, fruits, leaves, flowers— to

decorate cakes.

Rolled fondant: A popular icing with a matte, porcelain-like finish that is rolled out like dough and draped over cakes.

Royal icing: a rock-hard sugar used for trimmings and decorations

Spun sugar (also called angel’s hair): pulled strands of caramelized sugar for decorative nests, bows, etc.


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