Common Causes Of Stomach Bleeding: Ulcer

The most frequent cause of stomach and small intestine bleeding are peptic ulcers.

When bleeding occurs in the stomach, the blood may move in two directions. Some of it could be vomited which appears dark brown in color, caused by its contact with the digestive juices of the stomach. The other may pass through the bowel and look like a black, tarry stool. This change in color indicates that further digestion has occurred while in the intestine.

Bleeding Ulcer

The most frequent cause of stomach and small intestine bleeding are peptic ulcers. Bleeding could be the initial sign that a person has an

ulcer. Sometimes, no previous pain can be felt, only a feeling of indigestion. But in many cases, there will be a history of pain which is alleviated by food intake.

Gastritis is another cause of stomach bleeding. This may be caused by alcohol intake or a reaction to aspirin. There are times when severe bleeding is caused by cancer of the stomach. This occurs only when the disease caused a large blood vessel to open. In many cases of cancer, there is a very

slow loss of blood that generally goes unnoticed.

Cirrhosis of the liver is another cause of bleeding from the stomach and the esophagus. People who drink too much alcohol too often are more likely to suffer from this disease. The damage of the liver causes large veins to emerge on the surface of the stomach or esophagus. One of these may burst open resulting in a massive hemorrhage. If the bleeding is not brought under control, the patient may not survive.

Another type of bleeding ulcer is experienced by some people who have undergone surgery for stomach or duodenal ulcer. An ulcer may possibly develop at the point where the jejenun and the stomach were joined together.

These conditions mentioned may result in black, tarry stools or possibly the vomiting of dark-brown blood. Any condition of the sort should immediately be reported to your doctor. Meanwhile keep the patient still and quiet in a lying down position.

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