Choosing The Best Topic For Article Writing

Here are some points to consider when choosing a topic:

When you intend to have a piece that is to be of value at all, it must discuss a certain topic in some depth. Make it a goal to have depth of treatment rather than scope of coverage. This is achieved by narrowing your topic in such a way that you can make it significant, not merely superficial, statements about the topic within the prescribed or number of words.

If you are certain about your general topic but uncertain about how to narrow it, do some research about that topic. Google it,

read newspaper reports, or browse the encyclopedia to find an article that might arouse your curiosity. For example, reading a news item about a music concert in town may provoke you to narrow your topic from music in general to the local jazz style genre.

Here are some points to consider when choosing a topic:

1. The topic should be of importance to a certain group of readers; otherwise, it will not be worth the time and effort you will be putting into it.

2. You must be personally interested in the topic; otherwise, you may not be able to sustain your interest in it long enough to even complete the article. On

the other hand, if you are genuinely interested in the topic, you will voluntarily exert the time and effort that will ensure the completion of a thoroughly-researched and well-written article. Not only that, you may actually enjoy the writing task.

3. If you intend to have many readers, find a topic that is interesting and intelligible to the general reader. If you choose highly technical topics, you must be ready to accept a limited or even elite audience group. In any case, you should not presume to possess a level of expertise that the topic requires, if it is not within your capacity to handle. Leave that to the specialists. Find your niche and you will be able to share more.

4. The topic should be of a manageable scale which can be satisfactorily completed under the conditions and constraints provided by the publisher or client. Consider the following length of the article, the duration of work (amount of time spent), and the availability of sources.

To simplify things, think of your article as a search for the answer to a specific question that interests or intrigues you.


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