Applying Techniques In Good Human Relations

You can learn the theories of in-depth psychology or simple rules for dealing with people, but these will be of no value until you actually put then into good use.

Make good use of knowledge in a specific situations, involving specific situations involving specific individuals should be your ultimate goal. There are at least two considerations, however, assess the equation on making effective enforcement.

First, all people do not reactin  the same manner. Action on your part can please some and annoy others at the same time.

Second, the reaction of the people can not be immediately apparent. Some people, who receive an

unfavorable reaction may show irritation. Other adverse reactions may completely suppress outward emotions all the more. Therefore, obvious calmness is not always a sign of
acceptance. People with hidden anger can explode later at the slightest provocation.

These two factors must be recognized and taken into account when dealing with people. Likewise, reactions should always be considered before taking action, and measures that are obviously unnecessary due to undesirable feelings should be avoided whenever possible. But a lot more than this is necessary, you should always check the effects resulting from the measures taken. Only through continuous study can help determine if you are doing something favorable to promote good human relations.

The problem can also be thought of in terms of how to manage yourself rather than in terms of how to manage others.

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